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220V 980W Air Compressor Air Pump Inflatable Oil-Free
  • 220V 980W Air Compressor Air Pump Inflatable Oil-Free

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220V 980W Air Compressor Air Pump Inflatable Oil-Free

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Codigo del articulo:SIT-OTS-980-30L

  • Precio Unitario : Mex.$ 2,915/set   (Aviso de Descuento) (Tiempo entrega 69-89 días)

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  • Cantidad: set(s) Costo Total : MXN Mex.$2,915
  • Peso de Envio: 44.0lb (20kg) freightFlete

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1. More and more industrial and civilian areas for clean, environmentally friendly compressed air, oil-free compressed air technology is completely silent to meet this market demand. Oil-free air compressor silent revolutionized the field of low-pressure air compressor oil change for a long time must be regularly, oil and compressed air to run a big noise situation.
2. Particularly the machine can contain any oil fume: air can be obtained. Because the air for dental apparatus must not contain any oil, this machine can be used as an independent air supply machine for dental therapeutic apparatus; also can be used in other areas such as medical care, scientific research, industrial production and daily life where clean air in demanded.
3. Oil-free air compressor silent because of its low noise,, widely used in electronics blowing dust, scientific research, health care, food security, social carpentry and decorating the workplace.
4. Small mute laboratories, dental clinics, hospitals and research institutes and other occasions to provide a quiet and reliable source of compressed air, can be placed at any location in the working area without causing noise pollution, is very suitable as an independent.

Voltage: 220V
Power (W): 980
Pressure (Bar): 70.7MPa
Airflow: 80L/min
Tank (L): 30
N.W. (kg): 17
Size: 520 X 240 X 530mm

1) Low cost oil-free: no need to use air compressor oil, maintenance-free, just turn on the water once a week, once a year to change the air intake filter (intake filter cartridge) can be.
2) No noise: noise after boot around 65 decibels, for commercial buildings, residential buildings, laboratories, hospitals and other needs quiet occasions.
3) Energy: The same power of oil-free air compressor silent about 2 times that of traditional air compressor.
4) Long life: As the key moving parts imported from Germany, self-lubricating materials, so hardly any wear and tear, the whole design life of over 10 years; traditional compressor or immature technology is easy due to oil-free air compressor losses resulting scrap parts.
5) High quality compressed air: As oil-free compressed air and therefore is not oil, greatly improving the cleanliness of the gas source, while the long-term cost-saving air compressor oils. Meet the dental clinics, laboratories and other occasions for high-quality gas supply requirements.


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